To manifest peace together, beyond words, shaping matter blindfolded, trusting each other, witnessing the urgency of peace and the will to live together.

This Network is first fed by the tangible reality and then by the virtual one.

Blindfolded, the hands shape wax to create pieces of peace.

Choosing one or more points of view from which to photograph the pieces of peace to convert them into 2D images.

Images are uploaded to this site. The ones each user select are saved in the gallery of own work area. Making use of the hm application, everyone creates Peace Gates or illustrations of any other vision inspired by peace.

This Peace Network is also a social network peace where users share images, compositions and interpretations to communicate with each other.



Project by Guido Dettoni implemented by the HANDSMATTER INSTITUTE - Barcelona


The process that gives rise to this Network begins with gatherings between people of all ages without any distinction between them. Gatherings in which the participants are invited to shape wax feeling the peace..

The wax (specially prepared for this use) is first immersed in hot water to soften and then be shaped blindfolded to facilitate the abstraction and the tactile vision as well as helping to not having any intention to shape something specific.

If it is planned verbal and body expressions as well as sensory stimulations can introduce the gathering or even accompany it.

Peace, understood as a state of mind and as a choice "is manifested” in the process leading it to be an action like the hands shaping wax. Everyone freely decides when to stop so that the shape in immersed in cold water to harden.

At the end of the gathering every shape will be part of a whole integrated by tangible objects becoming pieces of peace. Each participant chooses one or more points of view from which to photograph the piece and convert it into 2D images to be uploaded to the site


The Peace Network is constituted by the gatherings places to manifest peace, all over the world.

Participants manifest peace virtually by first selecting the images of the shapes created during the gathering in which they participated or other created around the world. They save the images within the gallery of their work area -integrated by the hm application- in order to create Peace Gates or illustrations of any other vision inspired by peace.

This application allows to compose/assemble images with graphic editing tools: zoom, rotate, mirror, color, background and opacity, but not distortion out of respect for the original shapes witnessing the moment and spirit of the Author. It is possible to create multiple compositions which, in turn, can be selected by any user to integrate them into their own ones.

We are invited to be aware that we reach our results also thanks to the shapes created by everyone and thanks to a collective collaboration.

On the site you can have access to the information and graphic documentation corresponding to the gathering as well as to the gallery of the images of the shapes and to the one of the compositions created around the world.

Of course, to the personal work area. Even those who have not participated in a gathering can access the site and have their own work area.

In each registered user’s profile are listed the images of their shapes and compositions.

This Network of Peace is also a social network of peace where participants can exchange interpretations of the compositions and/or the images, as well as to communicate with each other talking about peace.